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Keeper of the Wild Thank You

Keeper of the Wild Thank You

December 15, 2014

Dear Friends of Keeper of the Wild of the Grimball Gates Community,

We want to thank you for all the items you donated to Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue from our “WISH LIST”.  We want you to know that every item you donated is so needed and your donation will save us money we can put toward other needed areas of rehabilitation.

As we unloaded the truck today and surveyed all the things you gave, we could feel the love and compassion from your neighbors wishing us the best for the babies we rescue and return to the wild. We were very impressed with the items we received and we will definitely use every single one.

We also thank Peggy Stock, Lynn and anyone else who helped for their hard work, organizing this drive, and collecting and delivering all the items to us.

Please go to our open Facebook page and see the article written about your neighborhood and the donations you made to us.  There are pictures there, too!  I hope you will return regularly and learn more about Keeper of the Wild, our rescues and releases, learn about wildlife and things going on at Keeper of the Wild.  We are a Kid friendly page and encourage grown-ups to share the page with their kids.

One more thing, You have probably heard that Keeper of the Wild is having to find a new home.  We have a difficult road ahead of us, and still don’t yet know where  it will lead us. We ask you to please join us and pray in faith that God has a plan for Keeper of the Wild.

Thank you again for your gifts to Keeper of the Wild, and for making a difference for wildlife!

Bless you and Merry Christmas to you all!

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Janet Kinser, Director

Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue

181Tree Farm Road

St. George, SC  29477

(843) 636-1659

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“Until man extends compassion to all living things, he himself will not find peace.” —Dr. Albert Schweitzer








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